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Animals that we rescue and need foster homes for are:
Animals that may or may not have behavioral issues, been abused, neglected and not trained. They “need” fosters to help train them and socialize them to become the dog they have the potential to be. We also have many dogs that just need love and a temporary home until they can find their forever one!!!

Foster Guidelines

1.) Potential Foster homes must reside within the geographic area that All Those Left Behind Animal Rescue, Inc covers which is a 60 mile radius of Morris, IL and be willing to assist with transport to / from events and vet appointments.

2.) Demonstrate the ability and commitment to provide proper care, exercise and training for the dog until it finds it’s forever home. We cover all food, treats, cage, veterinary care and medications.

3.) Applicants such as apartment or condo dwellers must be able to provide written proof provided by the association or landlord and provide contact info of landlord.

4.) Have a fenced-in yard or other reasonable plan to exercise and allow the dog to relieve itself. Fosters must agree to never leave the dog outside unattended or chained up.

5.) Agree to keep the dog safely on leash at all times when not in a fenced-in area AND NEVER CHAIN A DOG OUTSIDE! 

6.) All current pets must be spayed / neutered. They must also be current on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. If this requirement is not met our board of directors will take this into consideration depending on the circumstances.

7.) Applicant is 23 years of age or older. If you are not, we require another adult in the household to meet this requirement.

Common Foster Concern's...

If you can't commit to a lifetime for an animal, fostering might be for you. Fostering is committing to help save the life of animal who is in need until they find their forever home.

What is expected of me and what should I expect from the rescue? A foster is expected to care for the animal everyday by feeding, playing, basic training, giving medications, taking your foster to the vet appointments and to adoption events. We also ask that our fosters get pictures of their foster to us along with a short bio explaining the personality and behavior of their foster in order to find them that "forever" home. The rescue will provide food, treats, crate, toys, collar, leash, medications and veterinary care(fosters agree to only use our vets that we already have a working relationship with.)

I have no experience and have never dealt with a rescue dog before.
We teach the inexperienced! We will give you all the details we have on the animals and any conditions we are aware of. We will explain the basics and instruct you on how to deal with special situations and circumstances. You will also have contact info to be able to get in touch with a member of our rescue should you have any questions or concerns while you are fostering.

What if I already have pets of my own?
If you are fostering an animal, we ask that they be introduced very slowly to your pets. While most of our animals do great with other animals some of our animals may never be able to be mingled with your own pets.

What if I need to go out of town?

With enough notice, we should be able to find another foster home to take your dog for the time being. However, if you are a frequent traveler, fostering might not be a good fit for you. 



Name of Dog or Cat you want to Foster
Do you have a particular dog / cat type in mind to foster (particular breeds, sizes, personalities)
Your Name: (First & Last)
Spouse or Co-App Name
City, State, Zip Code
Email Address:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone
Does the entire family want to foster ?
Who will be responsible for the foster animal?
Are you willing to do basic training?
Are you prepared for chewing, digging, scratching, housetraining, and/or mischievous behavior? And do you understand that ATLB will not be responsible for any damage that may occur.
It may take time for the animal to adjust to its foster home and family. Are you willing to give the animal time to adjust?
Are you willing to drive the animal to / from Adoption - Special Events?
Are you willing to foster animals with special needs? If so, list types (Pregnant mothers - Nursing mothers and puppies - Bottle fed puppies - Seniors with health issues - Dogs with health issues - Dogs that need training)
Are there any types of dogs you are not willing to foster?
If yes, please explain
Are you willing to administer medicines?
Are you willing to drive animal to vet appointments?
Type of House? House
Household Setting? City
Do you own or rent? Own Your Home
If you moved to a place that didnt allow pets, what would you do? (explain)
Do you have a yard with a fence Yes
If Yes, Wood
Chain link
Height of Fence? 3 Foot
4 Foot
5 Foot
6 Foot
Over 6 Foot
Place of Employment
Daily work / home Schedule
How many hours a day will the animal be home alone? 1-3
Will your foster animal be cage / crate trained?
Where will the animal sleep at night?
Will this pet have access to a doggie door?
Where will your foster animal live?
Describe your household activities & noise level (explain)
Work Phone
Living Status
Your Age Group
How many adults - children living in your home?
Ages of Children (seperate by comma's)
Why do you want to foster a dog? (explain)
Does anyone in home have pet allergies?
If yes to allergies, Please explain
Please list all animals you have owned in past 5 years. (Include Name, breed, sex, spayed / nutered, alive or deceased, UTD on vaccines?)
Please Include Vet(s) Name, Address and Phone Number.
What Brand of food do you plan to feed?
How often? 1x a day
2x a day
3x a day
All Day Available
Will human or animal visitors come to your home to interact with your new dog?
What activities do you plan to do with your foster dog?
What behaviors will you not allow? (explain)
What behavior(s) would cause you to return your foster dog?
How will you reprimand your foster dog?
It may take 1 week - months for your foster dog to be adopted, How will you handle this?
Have you ever adopted from a rescue or fostered previous to this?
If yes, list name(s)
If yes, list name(s)
Please give us 1 NON family reference. Name, phone number, address and relationship:
Please give us 1 family reference. Name, phone number, address and relationship:
How did you hear about ATLB Rescue?
The information on this questionnaire will be kept confidential. By typing my name below, I certify that all the information provided is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to allow All Those Left Behind Animal Rescue, Inc. to contact my vet and obtain my pet’s vet records.