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6/14/17  Champ's journey continues and you can watch it here. Because a lot of people were involved to make his rescue and recovery possible we want you to be along for the journey too. This is what rescue is all about and this is why we do what we do....

6/9/17   Update on Champ after his consultation with Dr Rudawski today: Dr had explained the multiple fracture issues going on with Champ. On one side the pelvis separated and is not in the position it should be, the other is fractured on his joint from where his femur comes in. We had talked about different surgeries and what risks are involved. Because we did not get Champ into our care and surgery was not performed immediately after his injury it complicates the current options and potential surgical outcomes. He currently has bladder and bowel function and with attempting surgical repair in the one area there is a risk of permanent nerve damage and incontinence issues especially due to the fact the one bone will not easily move when he did his physical examination. That he explained is due to the body already healing on its own in the time that has passed since the injury occurred. We do not want to risk permanent nerve damage where we could take away his potential of walking and going potty like a normal dog especially when he has that function right now. He did discuss putting him on a high fiber special diet to help him potty easier as with a pelvic fracture it causes pain from pushing to go. He also discussed proper pain management which he has already been on and giving his body time for a few weeks to see how it will heal on its own. At that time he would like to reevaluate him and see how everything looks. He did explain there is a potential for him to need an FHO surgery to repair where the femur meets that joint, as he explained that depends on how his body decides to heal. We had spoke with 4 other vets and the same/similar surgical options were discussed. All agreed about the risk with surgical repair on the bone that shifted, is the risk worth the potential outcome? When discussing paralysis as a potential we cannot imagine pushing for a perfect repair but end up taking away mobility and potty control. We have taken care of dogs like that and their quality of life is lowered as well as their embarrassment of not being able to control it. The vets had all also agreed an FHO surgery would repair the joint fracture but waiting would help to ensure the other bones are more stable and secure if we wait a while to let everything heal up a bit. When making such a great medical decision like this we have to take the advice of licensed trained vets and especially in this case some being Board Certified which means that they have exceptional expertise in their medical field. Had we had Champ in our care immediately after the accident occurred and found a surgeon immediately the potential surgical options may have been different but we have to decide what's best with the situation we are in now. After discussing everything, risks, quality of life, care, etc we have decided we are going to leave this decision up to Champ's body, give it a few weeks to heal and reevaluate his situation then. He will be on his pain management protocol, have the special recommended high fiber diet which includes homemade steak and sweet potatoes and veggies, get a lot of gentle loving massages, sleep on his orthopedic bed, soak in the sunshine and great view he has from his very own suite and might even have a couple cabana boys gently fanning him on warm days while he stays at The Ritz foster home. Donations that we're made and continue to be made will pay for all his needs which include but are not limited to: puppy pads, special diet, medication, any future surgeries including FHO, hydrotherapy, cold laser, e-stim, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, future vet visits and any other special items, care or treatment he needs. As we thought today was going to be a surgical repair for him to be "fixed" immediately it just doesn't always happen that way. If anyone understands that it's our rescue. We take in the special cases, the unusual cases, the can't be easily fixed cases. That's ok we don't have a time limit on how quick they have to be "fixed" or "find a home", to us they are our family. They are welcome as long as they need us and want to stay with us. Champ is trusting by leaps and bounds with his foster but as we seen at the vet today still has a lot of emotional trust hurdles to overcome from the ordeal he went thru. So as far as the next few weeks go to physically heal he can also have time to let us help him emotionally heal too and learn that others can be trusted too. It all takes times and those are things that can't be pushed, it has to be decided on their terms when they want to be ok to move forward. Donations towards his care can be made at the link below via PayPal or can be mailed to:

PO BOX 363
MORRIS, IL 60450
We will continue to post updates to continue on Champ's Journey, we just have to be a lil bit more patient than we originally hoped for but we know it's the best decision for him. Keep sending prayers, love and support. Remember WITHOUT ALL OF YOU THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE AND HE WOULD NOT BE HERE RIGHT NOW 
Much love and gratitude from Champ and all of us at ATLB Rescue

6/9/17   Champ is literally on the road to recovery...we are on our way to see Dr Rudawski at Fox Lake Animal Hospital. It was his miracle happening when we got the phone call to have us bring him in. Champ was so excited he got up on his own and went right into the carrier when we said we've got to hit the road and get going. He has so many angels working their magic to get his miracle going and guess what because of the determination, drive, unwillingness to give up and true love and concern for this lil guy things are definitely happening!!! We want to personally thank Patricia Bianco and Amanda Mcpherson-Dziekanski from Reach Rescue IncStacey Scorzo Edge Peggy Delaney Grandahl and Morgan K Dee who have worked effortlessly on so much stuff and doing a lot of the things behind the scenes to get Champ's miracle to happen. Without this strong team of women Champ would not have this second chance. We want to thank everyone who has donated so far to his care and that are also waiting to donate directly to the vet, give us just a tad bit longer as we will definitely speak with the office when we get there to make sure they can accept payments on Champ's behalf because it will definitely be the most cost efficient and effective method without additional fees being spent. The Dr briefly went over a plan but wants us there to physically show and explain what he sees on the X-rays so we see the full picture and treatment plan he recommends and exact costs for his care. It's been a long haul so far but we are definitely getting some solid ground now. Champ has a great spirit under the pain, fear and trauma he has endured and trust me when I say he is so grateful for everything that everyone has been doing to make this miracle happen for him.

6/8/17   This page is dedicated to updates on Champ's journey. For anyone who is not familiar with Champ he is a young lil boy who was hit by a pick up truck in Joliet on Sunday, June 4, 2017. A rescue person had witnessed the unfortunate incident happen and sprung into action to get help for him. He was taken into Joliet Township Animal Control and he was released to our rescue on an early medical release Tuesday, June 5, 2017 in the evening. Findings on his x-rays show a complex pelvic fracture which we are searching everywhere to find a specialty orthopedic vet who can repair this type of fracture. He has been scared, petrified and was a snappy lil guy upon intake, well who could blame him with the pain he has endured and he does not have his people with him that he knows and trusts. He has been moving forward and starting to trust us knowing we want to only help and give him all the love his lil tender body can handle. We are also raising funds for him so that we can financially be prepared once we have a vet who is capable of handling this type of surgery, we have already been told it will be a couple thousand for this type of surgery because of the complexity of it. Please follow his page for his continued Journey on the road to recovery and happiness. 

6/7/17   Post from Stacey Scorzo Edge: Taking a moment to collect the feathers appearing all around Champ and his new rescue All Those Left Behind Animal Rescue, Inc.. My heart is overwhelmed by each and every one of you that stood up for Champ. Who took action for one life fading into oblivion. If you have some time, I wanted to share how Champ came to be injured as well as how his story became so huge. Sunday started out as one of the most beautiful days walking the streets of Paws on 66. I volunteered to photograph the event which was a moment in time. Adoring animal lovers came out in droves and the entire day floated upon puppy dog kisses and rescue revival!! Then everything shifted within minutes of my drive home when I saw a stray dog along a busy street. I immediately pulled over into a driveway to watch for an owner. When no one appeared I got out of my Jeep to see where the pup had gone. I saw him and immediately dropped down to my knees. Waiting and watching. I had such joy when he started running toward me but at the last minute he made a sharp left and to my horror right into the road. An approaching pick up truck, who did not slow down in approach, ran right into him. Within 10 feet of me, I watched Champ get run over by the right front tire, then get thrown into the undercarriage followed by being thrown out the side before the back tires could catch him. The driver never slowed down, never stopped, never looked back. But the car after him did to help block traffic. I will not know when the sight of his little body being impacted so tragically, nor the sounds he made afterward, will leave my internal vision. My heart shattered in a million pieces as he screamed at me, dragging the back half of his body along. The screams were unlike anything I have ever heard in my life. Champ stared right into my eyes making sounds that still give me pause. It was as if he was asking me why and what happened. I could see he didn't understand what had happened nor why his little body wouldn't work. He was in shock and beyond my ability to touch or hold him even with the blanket I grabbed. He tried repeatedly to avoid my touch at all costs and rather risk a bite from him which would not be good for his situation...I saw a police car approaching and flagged him down. By this point, Champ had dragged his body under my Jeep just crying, shaking and bleeding. I called in my rescue friends, more police arrived and then animal control. We spent an hour attempting to pole catch this guy. He dragged himself all over avoiding all attempts to be caught. But eventually pain and exhaustion took over. I explained I was in rescue and I would insure his path did not end here. I would find support and raise funds to help this life as all I could think about was 'if only I had not stopped'. What if...But I did. Because that is how my heart works. So without glancing in the rear-view mirror of life...I moved forward and with a team of angels we moved mountains to save Champ. We spent 2 days fighting to secure this one life that was in limbo and who had no voice. But he is safe and all because of Gina Bartucci, Patti B, Amanda Mcpherson-DziekanskiPeggy Delaney GrandahlMorgan K DeeNikki FauberCynthia Lynn Guzman and Lydia Krypczyk...Champ is safe. He is tucked into the embrace of a rescue who stands behind those left behind. Today he found a little place of peace...a little moment of calm and within that moment something shifted inside him. He took his rescuer's hand within his paws and held on for just long enough to see he was settling down. Then, after eating, he showed love with the soft touch of a few kisses. Baby steps as Champ has a long road to recovery for mind, body and soul. But he was able to rise a little from the darkness that permeated his vision. He is starting to see the light but will need our help to completely feel its warmth. Additional pledges are needed as his pelvic break is complex and immense. One hip completely rotated around landing backwards. Thankfully no other internal damage was done. So please consider a donation toward Champ's care as his rescue stepped up when nothing was known aside of one little life that was disappearing from sight. $5, $10, $20 dollars will go further if we collect it together. Thank you to each person who has already given, who has followed Champ, or has reached out to share in a moment of tenderness. Rescue is a walk that occasionally is littered with the feathers of angels who come when they are called. Thank you angels, we have miles to go but at least the journey has begun. Donation link below.