All Those Left Behind Animal Rescue, Inc. is a foster home based 501 c 3 not for profit animal rescue licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture. Our mission is to rescue animals left by their owners or at animal controls as we strive to prevent euthanasia of any animal regardless of breed, age or health concerns. Not only are we a rescue but we have sanctuary animals too which will live out the rest of their lives in our rescue because of them being considered unadoptable due to medical or behavioral concerns. All of our staff are volunteers, we do not have paid employees and we do NOT have a physical shelter, all of our animals are in foster homes.

It's finally happening!!!! We are on the road to opening our very own sanctuary and adoption center!!!! Click below to find out all about it!!

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Our Scentsy Party Fundraiser...Consultant Debra Berry is donating ALL of her commissions to our rescue building fund. Click here to view all the awesome products and don't forget to check out their new animal products line. Place an order and guess what you get some great Scensty products and we raise more funds towards getting our building built!!!

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